Poll: Should we add global navbar in OpenMRS Atlas

We are working with @burke on Atlas 2.0 project and we aim to make an awesome OpenMRS Atlas ! :smiley: So, I need your point of view.

Should we add global navbar in OpenMRS Atlas ?

  • Good idea !
  • Why not.
  • Useless.
  • Impossible.
  • Please, don’t do that !

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I’m assuming this means adding the grey OpenMRS.org navigation bar across the top of the Atlas pages. If so, I agree! It doesn’t take much space and could help people find other useful resources.

If you’re asking whether or not we should add a link in the navigation bar to the Atlas, I’m not sure. Mostly because it’s more of a tool built in to OpenMRS.org and isn’t really something people use to collaborate, like the other tools are. However, I’m up to discuss other points of view. :wink:

Great idea! Though, we’ll want a way to easily suppress it when viewing the Atlas inside the Atlas Module.

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My firs idea was just adding the navbar. For the link, I just thought :

why not, but why isn’t there yet (maybe there is a reason) ? why not asking community and making a poll :slight_smile: !

So I agree with you, and it depends on what is, and what will become Atlas for community.

Moreover, I don’t know precisely why Atlas was created, who, and why people use it. @Burke, @michael maybe you can give some elements ?

This reminds me: I sometimes think it would be nice to have a way to easily embed the Atlas map in other pages, e.g., a wiki page.

One of our goals is to make it easy for someone to download an image for a presentation. We could use this same approach to provide various size images (from thumbnail to presentation) that could cover this need (i.e., provide a URL for appropriate-sized image that could be embedded).

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The Atlas began for a few reasons:

  • For the fun of seeing your site listed at OpenMRS.org
  • A way for OpenMRS implementations to discover their neighbors
  • A fun way for implementations to get the “big picture” and realize that they were part of a much larger community than they might realize

Putting the global navbar header onto the Atlas page is a great idea. :thumbsup: But I don’t think the Atlas merits becoming its own separate destination (link) within the navbar; rather, I would highlight the “OpenMRS.org” when viewing the Atlas (i.e., show the navbar just as if you are visiting any other page at https://openmrs.org).

Since Atlas is hosted from the server at openmrs.org, this is the default behavior :smile:

Based on the above discussion, should I add a URL parameter that disables the navbar? It would behave like this:

http://openmrs.org/atlas                          => Show the navbar (default)
http://openmrs.org/atlas?navbar=false  => Do not load the navbar

It depends if you think it would be generally useful. We can always implement our own param and just not load the navbar into the page(s). If you implement a parameter to suppress it, then we can adopt that. It might be worth waiting until you have more than one use case for it. Up to you.

IMHO, I think this behavior is better left to the client/consumer of the navbar.

Yeah, sounds good. @alexis_duque / @burke, I’d just dynamically load the navbar <script> tag based on whether you want to show it or not.