Poll: Default database name and user name for OpenMRS

As Geoffrey mentioned on the dev list around TRUNK-4015, the web application (e.g., web address) of OpenMRS may vary for different installations; however, we always default to “openmrs” for the database name and the database user’s name. Geoffrey is proposing that we align these, so the database name & user name would change along with the web application. For example, if you install the OpenMRS Standalone, the web application would continue to be under /openmrs-standalone/, but the database and user would change from openmrs to openmrs-standalone.

Should we vary the database name and database user’s name with the web application?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’ve got another idea (I’ll comment below)

Consider how this change might affect implementers and developers:


  • Multiple instances of OpenMRS could be installed on the same machine without conflicting.
  • Users could still control these names through installation or via runtime properties.


  • Any scripts or existing workflows that assume that the database name or database username is openmrs will need to be refactored.

What do you think? Vote above. Comment below.