Point of Sale for Bahmni OpenERP

Hello Everyone, i’m using Bahmni since few months, and i’m trying to convince our hospital to use it. But we have a big problem regarding operations in OpenERP. Especially for Sales. Does the Bahmni Team not think about a Point Of Sale (POS) module for cashiers ? Because the OpenERP Sale module is not designed for day-to-day operations at the cashier level.

We thought of a modified Point Of Sale module that would include a new “Invoice” button next to the “Validation” button that would allow to edit and print the customer’s invoice (like in Odoo 10).

Or after validating the payment at the POS module, instead of the classic “small receipt” being printed, it’s the bahmni receipt (generated after “register payment” in sale module) that is printed.

What do you think about this ? Can the Bahmni team help us to do that ?

Thanks in advance for your contributions.


i also about to raise this topic to community, we are in same boat by the way :slight_smile: