PM Team: Workshop topics?

Dear PM Team members, I’d like propose that we do regular mini-workshops as part of our PM Team calls (imagine 15-20 mins), to help build our collective PM thinking. Imagine topics like:

  • Jira tips & tricks
  • How to write awesome User Stories
  • How to efficiently communicate team updates
  • How to communicate problems or feature ideas in a Product team
  • Using Personas to better understand users
  • Practices of professional Product Teams
  • Roadmapping
  • UX Design Principles & Design Sprints
  • How to screen incoming community issues
  • Backlog Curation

What do folks think of this idea? Are there any topics you’d like to learn about, or questions you have about Product Management that you’d like to learn about?

CC @herbert24 @suruchi @sharif @gracebish @jwnasambu @kdaud @jonathan @tendomart @dkayiwa @mozzy @gcliff & please CC others you think may be interested :slight_smile:


@irenyak1 @isamanya

Thanks for the tag @tendomart

Ah yes thank you Tendo, so sorry to have missed you Irene!

Thanks @tendomart for the invite.