Please volunteer to be on the scholarship review committee!

Hey all! Last year we had 4-5 members of the community volunteer to help select the scholarship winners for the 2017 Implementers’ Conference; we need to do the same this year!

This is a very important committee because we have so many people applying for scholarships but we usually don’t have enough funding to support each request. The criteria for scholarship applicants can be found here:

Criteria for Reviewers 3-5 reviewers

  • Familiar with OpenMRS
  • Spends a majority of his/her time on time on OpenMRS
  • Dedicate sufficient time to review each scholarship application
  • Has previously attended two or more conferences
  • Can fairly make a decision based on merit
  • Is willing and able to keep information confidential
  • Is not applying for a scholarship

Since the criteria for selection is merit based, you’d need to be familiar with our community members. If you are new to the community, this might not be the best way to get involved (but we thank you for your enthusiasm regardless!).

We will need to turn these around quickly so if you could message me by the end of this week we’d appreciate it!

Please reply here or message me privately on Talk if you’d like to volunteer to be part of this committee or if you have any questions. Thanks!!

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@jeff, could you tag community and leadership. It is not easy to spot this talk post.

Thank you.

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