PLEASE READ: a guideline on helpdesk creation via the webform

When you create a helpdesk case withing the web form – unless a server/service is down, the Impact should always be Routine. What’s critical for you, is not critical for us.

Thank you, The people who keep the lights on and don’t want to get alerts at 330am.

Maybe we need to evaluate the list in the “impact” field since the question is - what is the impact on your work. That’s a pretty subjective question. If we want to have people select “critical/emergency” only when a server or service is down, then we need to be either more explicit and say that directly in these instructions or find some alternative to how selections are made in order to prevent people from choosing that based on their own impact. Who controls what is on the form?

No it is needed, people just need to not select critical. Choosing critical won’t get the work done quicker. The Impact field is necessary – we just use – we don’t make this form.

Is it possible to use service desk add on to Jira in the future? that would make integration and help desk easier. :slight_smile:

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@r0bby, I unpinned this since guidance on how to use “Impact” is now included in the contact form.

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Okay, great. If you can make clear that Critical will wake up the oncall person and likely tick them off…otherwise they’re held until the morning…

I’ve tweaked common rules to make them low priority no matter what people set. Those are not critical.