Platform Tests should run on different DB than H2

Right now, the Platform Tests run against H2, which is not used in production. I see some configuration for H2 being reflected in pom.xml.

I want the tests to run on PostgreSQL & My SQL in addition to H2. i.e. CI plan where these tests are run against both MySQL and PostgreSQL.

My current guessing is that at least setupDatabaseConnection and getRuntimeProperties must be modified.

One question ringing in my mind without an answer yet is;

how can I tell the tests to use different databases (both MYSQL and PostgreSQL) in addition to H2 during the CI Plan?.

cc: @dkayiwa @ibacher @mksd @burke

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We have an example of this here.

To do this for something other than the install tests, you would just need an file with the appropriate URL set, e.g., changing this line to something like jdbc:postgresql://openmrs/openmrs.


Are you talking about some thing related to this

and What this ticket decribes ??

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