platform not starting

Hi , when I am trying to run oprnmrs platform 2.7.0-SNAPHOT on my windows 11 pc I am getting the following error:

I am using mysql 8 , java 1.8.0_211, maven 3.8.

Please can you help ?

What version of Apache Tomcat are you running?

Tomcat 9 the default one which comes with the latest OPENMRS sdk … at least that is what think as I did not change any configuration … just installed latest sdk … setup a new platform server with 2.7.0-SNAPSHOT version and then tried to run it…

Can you share the full log via ?

Hi ,

where can I find the logs? inside the openmrs platform server folder there is no log file created …

this is the url I get if I try to open browser ( though I know tomcat was not able to start). note: I tried running tomcat 9.0.52 ( same version which openmrs sdk uses) in a standalone java example and I was able to start tomcat …

update: the problem was fixed by using more recent jre version ( jre-8u261).

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