Platform 2.4.0 release date


In the previous release meeting i conducted with the mentors i raised the issue of which date should we have the platform released and was directed to reach out to the community for your input and its on this note that i would like to ask for which date do think is best suitable …

Am tentatively suggesting 26th/Jan/2021 :smiley:

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Is there any particular reason behind the 26th of January date? Otherwise, I might suggest that aiming for the end of the implementors conference might be a better target.


We have aimed to have at least one minor release of Platform each year and, historically, we aimed for September and then moved it back to October. So, I was expecting some time in October.

If we can’t make October, then it would be nice to have the release come out well before OMRS20 (likely late Nov or early Dec) so people can be trying it out & talking about it during the conference.

Given our unfortunate history of releasing later than planned, I’d fear a January 2021 release date would translate into Spring 2021 and we’d end up 18 months between platform releases.


Yes, I was expecting October as well. @gcliff can you help us understand any specific concerns, blockers, or uncertain work that you think would warrant a later release date?


Not really as per say

sounds good ,though i thought around that time its festive season and getting volunteers to make final tests since most people travelling ,other taking work leaves and its why i had suggested the data above…


we shall have one around that time for further discussion in OMRS20

@gcliff when i look at the roadmap i see only two items left. 1) Upgrade FHIR and 2) Support PostgreSQL

  1. FHIR being just a bundled module, i do not think it should block the release.

  2. Support PostgreSQL is almost done. @aman has done a very good job where we now have the reference application loading successfully on PostgreSQL. He is doing just a few more random tests of the UI to ensure that all is well. He should be done with this before the end of this month (in two weeks).

Therefore, my recommendation is that we aim to release in September!


thanks @dkayiwa @burke @ibacher and @grace for your guidance and input,i appreciate

we shall aim for September :cowboy_hat_face:


@dkayiwa just for clarification purposes , is September when to have the full platform release or the first phase ie 2.4.0-alpha ?

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Aim to have the full release in September.


I’d expect fhir2 to be bundled in the release. The fhir2 module can continue to improve & have subsequent releases after Platform 2.4 is released, but a production-ready fhir2 module with basic functionality should be included in 2.4.0.

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@ibacher do you have an estimate of when fhir2 will be production ready?

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@dkayiwa Currently we’re targeting August 14th, as advertised on the release calendar.

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@gcliff can you plan to start from there?

yes ,we are planning the alpha at around that time

hello @ibacher @ccwhite23
we have started to do the testing of the platform ,however i would like to inquire when we can have our first fhir2 module released , so that it can be bundled in the current platform we are testing so that we can meet the targeted date ?

@gcliff , @ibacher pointed that out :stuck_out_tongue:

And thats today. @ibacher do you think that target will be met today ??

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thanks @mozzy for the pointer :smiley:

Unfortunately not. We need to complete the tickets in this Epic before we’re ready for release. We’re making decent progress on it, but as you can see, there’s still work to be done. :grimacing:


@ibacher could you be having a new estimate of when you would be done? :slight_smile: