Platform 2.3 Release Prioritisation: VOTE ON FEATURES!!!

Hey Everyone

Next Monday March 11 2019 during the PM call we will conduct our first Release Prioritization Meeting for platform 2.3

In an effort to best manage the short duration of the call we would like to invite the community to participate in a survey to help prioritize features for the next release.

The survey can be found here :

The Survey will be opened to the community until March 15 2019

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Thanks Cynthia for the update

Dear All

The votes are in! Based on your feedback the following list of features will be included in platform release 2.3 at this time are the following (in order of votes):

  1. REST resource for Creating Order Group

  2. Upgrade our libraries

  3. Module Class Loader Doesn’t Allow Unrelated Modules to Have the Same Library

  4. Run Platform 2.3 with AdoptOpenJDK

  5. ObsResource needs to support time zones and more date formats

  6. Changing login redirect from legacy-UI login to add-on manager login

  7. Bundle addon manager owa

Thank you to all those who participated in the exercise.