Platform 2.2 Release is on 4th June 2018

Hi everyone,
Am happy to announce to you that the target release date of Platform 2.2 is on 4th June 2018.
We expect a lot of new features and a few bug fixes for this release as defined in the Road Map

The following are the new features expected in the Release
  • Change db setup to use liquibase ( IDGEN-33 )

  • Web-services for idgen (IDGEN-42)

  • Support for Encounter Diagnoses (TRUNK-5015)

  • Support Provider Roles (TRUNK-4791)

  • Added Creatable and Changeable interfaces (TRUNK-4917)

  • Implementing Program Enrollment Attributes (TRUNK-4755)

  • Bundle the Add-On manager OWA within the Platform (PLAT-30)

All that being said, I'm kindly making a call to anyone who feels there could be a missing new feature or bug fix that could be fixed or added prior to the release 2.2, feel free to give your thoughts/ideas

Best Regards
Platform 2.2 Release Manager
Samuel Male

Hi, According to the scheduled release date, release must be due tomorrow(4th June). The tickets below have been successfully worked on and fixed.

Tickets below still need more work.

Those defined above are under status “code review”.

Those define above are under status “Ready for work”

So I’m not sure whether we gonna bump them out of platform 2.2 batch :fearful:
cc: @dkayiwa, @darius , @wyclif

Thanks @samuel34!

We cannot do a 2.2 release currently because, unfortunately, the Support for Encounter Diagnosis functionality is only partially complete:

This functionality needs to be completed and tested (included a migration path for current implementations).

I haven’t been following this closely, but my sense is there’s a fair amount of work left to be done here.

Alternatively, we could see if we could (temporarily) revert the work done on this and do the 2.2 release without any of the Encounter Diagnosis changes, but this may be non-trivial as well.


Take care, Mark

Also, it looks like “Support of Provider Roles” has not been implemented (but this isn’t as much of an issue, because it’s not partially complete, so I think we could do a 2.2 release as-is without it).

Take care, Mark

I agree with you. I think we should look forward to extending the release date of platform 2.2.


Hello @mogoodrich following the above posts about this issue that hadn’t been completed, how far is the work on it now? Could we say we are nearing the release date or we still have to push it a head and for how long? Thanks :smile:

@irenyak1 I haven’t been working on the Encounter Diagnoses ticket myself but have been tracking the progress since I know it will break implementations if not added with a proper migration strategy.

It does look like someone new has picked up the one remaining ticket and @dkayiwa has been guiding them but it looks like they may still be in the beginning stages.