Platform 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT takes 5 minutes at eHCache initialization

Seen this repeatedly in the logs

INFO - EhCacheManagerFactoryBean.destroy(181) |2018-09-12 22:18:04,472| Shutting down EhCache CacheManager
INFO - EhCacheManagerFactoryBean.afterPropertiesSet(129) |2018-09-12 22:18:23,247| Initializing EhCache CacheManager
WARN - SimpleUrlHandlerMapping.registerHandlers(115) |2018-09-12 22:23:21,315| Neither 'urlMap' nor 'mappings' set on SimpleUrlHandlerMapping

Is there any configuration variable that can be set to reduce this startup time? Any of this that can be done in the background?

Looking for pointers on where to look to find out what the problem is

I am using the latest version of OpenMRS SDK with Ref App 2.8.0 modules

Are you sure that you do not have any custom modules? Do you have only the module versions released with Ref App 2.8.0?

Great catch @dkayiwa I have Snapshots of atomfeed, sync and attachments so you are insightful… Any ideas on who the trouble makers may be?

Hi @ssmusoke , I am facing the same issue, did you find any solution ? Thanks in advance !

I found it was due to atomfeed and sync modules that I had installed - became better when I removed them

@ssmusoke many thanks for your feedback, how did know which modules are the source of the problem? because I have many modules and I didn’t find from which one the slow comes. thanks

We also have noticed that issue and we will try to handle it in next sprints.

We created a ticket and moved it to backlog for this issue -

@alalo @kmadej many thanks for your support. how we can subscribe to be notified once the issue is resolved ?