platform 2.2.0 does not recognize the demo data

Platform 2.2.0:


I installed platform 2.2.0

then added the legacyui module

then imported the large-demo-data-2-2-1.sql

I can query the demo data using mysql workbench, all the +5000 patients records are there but the patient form does not show any one, except the newly added ones

the same happens when I took the following steps:

creating the database

importing the large demo set

Installing the platform

adding the legacyui module

please clarify

can you try rebuilding the index of your mysql ??

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Thank you @mozzy for the suggestion, I followed

to rebuild the index, but mysql said that the table is OK.

Do you want me to dump the database and import it again?

Or is there another suggestion?

@hany , we alredy implemented that functionality in OpenMRS , you can go to the Administration -> Maintenance -> Search Index on Legacy ui , and simply do a click , to rebuild the index of the entire DB. after there try again ,and we see

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FTR that actually rebuilds the Lucene search index, rather than the indices in MySQL, but that is the step that’s needed here.


@mozzy that did the trick, thank you so much :slight_smile:

@ibacher thank you for showing the difference between these indices :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for the great support.

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