Platform 2.2.0-beta testing.


I’m glad to announce that platform 2.2.0-beta was released in the preceding few weeks. Other members/implementations are invited to test it out and once you hit upon any bug, feel free to report it in this thread.

It can be downloaded here


@samuel34 Thank you for pushing through and getting this completed. I do hope community will continue to test and send us feedback asap.

Thanks again

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We need help to upgrade / create a testing approach for the beta release of platform 2.2. A great reference we can use is .

@samuel34 @tendomart @ruhanga @herbert24 @gcliff could you please assist in ssetting this up so that we can get this application released asap


@suthagar23 your input from the GSOC perspective would be appreciated

thanks @c.antwi :+1:

okie then @c.antwi

Hi @c.antwi

I have missed couple of PM calls, so I’m not sure of what you resolved to about this. But FWIW: Openmrs actually doesn’t these days support testing platform releases like in the old way. This is planned to be solved in the next platform releases but for platform 2.2.0, we planned releasing it with @dkayiwa when no bugs are reported by other folks after a couple of weeks. And I’m yet to do the release cause actually non has been reported.

Thanks @samuel34 . My question is; do we have some evidence that indeed it has been tested? I am wondering if waiting for people to report would be the best approach?

@dkayiwa can you weigh in?

Having a public server with the reference application running on this version of the platform, would make it simpler for volunteers, when guided on which features to test, and type feed back in some sort of notepad.

Do you know of any existing resources of how this is done. Possibly by CI?

@c.antwi the machines running refapp are easier than testing the end points if we considered the features / fixes on the Release Notes pages as noted by @dkayiwa.

However i prefer we preserve both methods of Best testing the Platform i.e Through Refapp or endpoints by writing unit tests,situation may arise which requires one over the other ,what shall we do then ?We don’t want to undo ,it was a worthy investment.

For what it’s worth, we have been running a slightly earlier cut of 2.2.0 platform (tagged in OpenMRS repo as 2.2.0-20181112.082045-243) in production at one of our largest facilities in Haiti since January without any known issues.

Take care, Mark