Platform 2.0 Weekly Priorities: 2015-11-09 to 16

Hey Dev’s

This week [Nov 9 - Nov 16] we plan to accomplish the following tasks for Platform 2.0

  • Removal of deprecated methods (Task leader - @dkayiwa )
  • LegacyUI sprint (Task leader - @wyclif )
  • Trunk 4713 integration testing ( Task Leader - @k_joseph )
  • Cutting down on TRUNK tickets (Task leader - @dkayiwa and @maany )
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Hi dev’s How are we doing on our goals this week :smiley: @dkayiwa Can we cut down on the tickets Tuesday after scrum if that time works. I am currently travelling

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If it is Tuesday after scrum time, then it better be like 5 hrs after. :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa’s suggestion above works for me as well, in a mean time; am hoping to get an update on my task having gotten most modules working well and a few still requiring more work.