Platform 1.11 release tickets test Sprint 3

For quite some time we have been testing tickets to be included in the Platform 1.11 release and we have so-far had two iterations in this test sprint, the challenge we have so-far experienced is having a small number of participants and we have devised a better way to get active OpenMRS contributors involved in this important work. please read through this to get details on how sprint 3 is going to work out to help us accomplish our goal if only you the reader complies.

We have at-least 170 tickets only left for testing and only 100 for sprint 3, we welcome all other contributors whom we may not have individually invited, such are free to pick up any tickets from here to test them as directed by the the sprint 3 page.

But to all those we have specifically invited for this work, and/or mentioned by name as invited participants on the sprint page above, i will be manually picking you randomly and pinging you on a specific ticket at-least a day before you can test it, please help us if i do that and you test that given ticket.

If this is done without failure, we shall be totally through with sprint 3 goals in at-most 10 working days. please feel free to suggest what you think can help us to reach our goal before it’s too late.

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