Platform 1.11.6 Released

The OpenMRS Platform 1.11.6 has been released, this release contains fixes to bugs during the upgrade process. For download instructions and details in this release, take a look at the release notes page.

Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

Stephen Senkomago Musoke On Behalf of the OpenMRS community


Thank you @ssmusoke, for taking the initiative and deciding to make the release. Congratulations on your successful release!


Especially to @maany and @k_joseph for volunteering to mentor @ssmusoke and doing a wonderful job.


@ssmusoke pretty much pulled this off all by himself :slight_smile: Hats off to @ssmusoke. Hopefully we can expect some updates to the release process document based on Stephan’s experience :smiley:


Thanks everyone, special shout out to @dkayiwa who was there in the late nights. Will summarize the learnings over the next few days.


I think I see a blogpost in the making

I can vouch for that. @dkayiwa was so awesome and I was catching all the IRC action at that time. He was even simultaneously helping me out with my issue :slight_smile:

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This is great work @ssmusoke!!! Can you also release version 1.11.6 in JIRA?

@dkayiwa the release in JIRA can only be done by one of the project administrators

Nice seeing a growing number of release managers, great job @ssmusoke!