Planning process for the 6 strategic objectives

I have copied from what Burke posted yesterday for one of the objectives to help guide us.

one possible framework to consider for working the objectives is the following:

  1. review and confirm the goals and objectives
  2. contemplate what is doable within the constraints that Burke mentioned (no additional resources/additional resources)
  3. develop the deliverables and the time frame for them for both scenarios - might be best to do by 3 month increments
  4. develop a ‘resource need list’ (humans and fiscal) for the unconstrained view
  5. develop metrics that reflect the deliverables
  6. publish so that we can aggregate this into the operational plan for the year

if you are also able to review what was accomplished last year, and share that, it would be great. That can be the basis for our annual plan ( which we want to try to share by late January if possible). Also, as you are working, if you identify any fundraising opportunities, please let us know.

we may need an internal timeline for this information, as we want to have it available for the Singapore meeting.


Team #3 met last night and spent a good portion of time on how to approach coming up with this product.

We decided to first look at the goals that were developed during the camp and determine whether those were 1) aligned with what was intended in the wording of the objective, and 2) if all of what was intended by the objective was represented in the goals in some manner. Since those goals from the camp were created from the sticky-note exercise listing activities/tasks, this was seen as a bottom up approach.

Then we decided to create a list of goals strictly from the objective, without considering what was done at the camp. Since this is starting from the objective before considering tasks, we decided this was our top-down approach. Then we compared the sets of goals from both approaches. This let us see what aligns, what is missing, what needs modification, etc. Our work now is to merge those two pieces of work into a concise list of finalized goals for the year.

The other thing we discussed was that metrics do not need to be in a one-to-one relationship with goals and tasks. For example, multiple tasks can be related to a single metric and multiple metrics can come from a single task.

Just an idea for how to approach it - not sure if it will turn out well or not! :smile: