Planning for the real #omrs15 hacking hours

In the first place we are so thankful to all those that are looking forward to being part of the #omrs15 hackathon; FYI we have at-least 33 attendees who have already registered to move the hacking hours forward. We are already hearing about Singapore as a land of milk and honey from those that have attested the country and we wish everyone travelling to the summit a safe journey. :airplane:

Having our efforts mostly centred around reaching out to our community and sharing tech skills on using/working with the OpenMRS platform as a developer or implementer by creating applications that interact with the platform through Rest and resolving a number of issues around the current Webservice rest module; we hope to be covering a lot of the practical applications of what many folks may have shared over the summit sessions. We are also planning to be dynamic somehow to allow other side tasking as we shall agree on and find fit for the limited amount of time we have.

Though not a competition centred hackathon, we have a number of judges that will help us to identify our best participants from among the 5 teams that we shall soon be forming; However trust me, everyone attending will be rewarded :smile:

We are having very interesting programs for the two hack days (13-14 Dec) spiced up with surprising goodies and sessions as you can briefly glimpse from our welcoming topic.

To all the wonderful people that have registered for #omrs15-hackathon; This topic is an eye + brain opening conversation to help us begin thinking of an agreed upon approach/plan to have a successful and productive hacking together; What thoughts have you for our planning!

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