Planning for OMRS23

I’ve seen the Conference 2022 2023 web page on the OpenMRS website, I’m excited to finally make it to Nigeria, and I’ve registered for OMRS23; however, I’m not seeing any information about how to make hotel accommodations (do we have a group rate?), how to get an invitation letter, guidance on obtaining a visa, etc. I didn’t see any Talk posts tagged omrs23.

Did I miss a Talk post announcing OMRS23? Where do we go for details on getting hotel booking, visa, etc.?

Apologies if email announcements have been eaten by my email monster. :slight_smile:


-Burke :burke:


I’m gathering from the silence that OMRS23 will not be happening in Abuja 26th-29th June 2023. If not, can we update the web page so people don’t start purchasing flights and applying for visas?

/cc @christine @jennifer