Plan on tackling provider relationships

@deepak140596 has been actively working on implementing the Provider module in the Android app, and so far the basic functionalities are completed! (add, view, edit, delete providers) :dizzy:

So now we want to implement the relationship between patient(s) and provider(s) (see this wiki page). I want to make sure that we make multiple PRs for this, because submitting 1 PR is very prone to errors, and we may miss important details.

I suggest to do it in this order:

  1. Create a dashboard for each provider: where we can see the provider’s name, role, assigned patients, etc. - make it a scrollable view.

  2. Add functionality to add, edit, delete and void assigned patients

  3. Add functionality to transfer patients

  4. In the patient dashboard, show all providers that are assigned to that patient.

  5. Document all of this in the user guide.

@csmuthukuda @deepak140596 what do you think of this?

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seems good for me and congratulations @deepak140596 for passing the first evaluation.I suggest we take feedback from the community. Let’s public this and wait a few more days for the feedbacks. what do you say @f4ww4z

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Yes @f4ww4z @csmuthukuda. I will also take a look in the guide and will scribble some ui for this

@csmuthukuda This is already public :slight_smile:

@deepak140596 Did you get a chance to scribble some UIs?

No @f4ww4z, I had been very busy this weekend and also didn’t get much time to code. I will draw some UI on paper and post it today.

For Provider - Patient relationship, we mainly have 3 actions - Add a relation, Edit a relationship’s date, Remove a relation.

Currently we can make a simple UI with 3 of these basic features.

@f4ww4z, @csmuthukuda what do you think of these?

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@deepak140596 I like it. You can start to file a new issue, or if not tomorrow I will create it.

Thanks @f4ww4z. The documentation doesn’t has any mention of the Patient-Provider relationship (also this documentation needs to be updated with all the new features).

Also I haven’t yet found the REST API for actions on the Patient-provider relations. I was trying to look for Provider dashboard on the demo webapp, but was unable to. Please help me out.

Did you navigate here?


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@f4ww4z I did visit this section but I saw some userAccount details and provider details nothing much about their relationships with patients. can you clarify a bit more ? and if I can get to fiddle with the endpoints that would also help !!

@saurabh I think that old breadcrumb was for something else.

Login to the demo server and go to this page . You can access and explore the 4 features of the provider management module there. I found some errors in the provider search feature, so feel free to ask the community if you found any error.

For the API, see the live swagger documentation.

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Sure @f4ww4z I will see how this works out