PIH update on OpenMRS Developers Forum 2017-Feb-09

Thanks to the PIH team for an impressive update on the Developers Forum! For those who were not fortunate enough to attend the forum, here’s a recording:

For the record, at 57:08s @mseaton gives some initial feedback about recent experiences with OpenMRS development and actually says:

People who know Mike, know he always tells it like it is and is not one to sugar-coat things, so this is a milestone for the OpenMRS Developer Community. Congratulations to everyone in the community that is helping make OpenMRS better each day!

Some follow up questions for @mseaton and team that we didn’t get a chance to cover during the call…

  • What things could the OpenMRS Developer Community do to better serve PIH’s needs – e.g., what would the top three priorities you would give the community to improve?

  • What is the OpenMRS Developer Community doing well – i.e., what things should we make sure we keep doing?

  • Did @jcelano use the SDK as he learned OpenMRS development?

And some callouts:

  • @johnblack and @jdick: the PIH team is doing a fair of Oncology-specific work beyond the order sets module. It might be worth reaching out to @mseaton to see where more collaborative opportunities exist in support of oncology needs.

  • @jteich: FYI, in case you didn’t already know, PIH uses encounter diagnoses in their systems and will likely join Monday’s Design Forum on Encounter Diagnoses.

Thanks again to the PIH team (@mseaton, @ball, @mogoodrich, @cioan, @jmbabazi, @ddesimone) for taking time to share all your great work!


You must have misheard this @burke. That feedback came from @mseaton? No way. :slight_smile: