Pharmacy / inventory / "print prescription" module - status? is there?

Dear all, what we would be glad to use is a “description print” generated from the consultation (doctor’s input data). Reading that there are/have been approaches like pharmacy/inventory/openhmis or, ‘private’ initiatives (to get the print/pdf prescription), might I please ask, if there is something (in progress or so …) … and if you might would share the code? Maybe we can base on it

Thank you very much!

… ah :slight_smile: Bahmni is great, a lot of features etc. … however far too big for our project. That is, would we try to base on the Ref App

@bci Sorry to respond so long after your message. My team has created an Inventory Module (code here) and we would be happy to work with you to integration the changes you suggest. Is this still something that you are working on?

Hi @ibewes, sorry for late reply myself :slight_smile: and thank you for your message. Yes, I do, and yes, I wrote a module meanwhile … it’s not that super since I do not want to change the db too much, however, what it does, is: open a window, doctor selects a medication (combo - data from a spreadsheet read into the db via liquibase), add dosage and advice (plain text); and with a ‘check’ it is ‘printed’ = set to a common date for print. pharmacist (role) can see that list, and do a print (itext - old version as of licence). - of course I would be glad to have that far more professional. - are you still in this? … I will try to finalize this my ‘hack’ the following days and put it into git, maybe we can produce something good :slight_smile: … yes?