Personimage resource doesn´t available in new version

Module: EMR-API

Module Version: 1.27.0

System Version: 2.2.0

Issue or Question: Hello, I have downloaded Reference Application 2.9.0 (Individual Components for Advanced Installation) and I have deployed OpenMRS 2.9.0 in Tomcat 8 with MySQL 5.6 (and with all Add-Ons). Everything is ok…just when I started to see the available resources. In WebServices, I don´t find /personimage resource. I have been checking in other OpenMRS instances (SDK for example) and this resource is availabe. Anyone knows if this resource (/personimage) is not availabe in Ref.App. 2.9.0 (plataform 2.2.0)?

Thanks so much. Best regards.

@david.corrales yes person image folder has no person images which is ok my perspective,what is your main case in use of person image.or what was your idea. thanks

@david.corrales not all modules are included on the UI. To find that module and add on your app click on System Administration - Advanced Administration - Manage modules - add or upgrade module - face list module.

@david.corrales when you say “I have been checking in other OpenMRS instances” , what does it exactly mean ?

@sharif he wasnt talking about Person Images files , he was talking about Rest Resources

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Hi @mozzy,

about OpenMRS instances I mean that I have tested OpenMRS SDK deploy, where I can find the EMRapi Module with Patient Image Resource (Rest Service). The problem is that if I take the OpenMRS 2.9.0 Ref.App Platform + Addons (EMRapi included) and deploy it in Tomcat 8 with MySQL 5.6, everything looks ok, but If I list the resources (…/openmrs/module/webservices/rest/apiDocs.htm) the person image resource doesn´t appear:

If I look at resources in Demo Server it appears properly, and If I check the OpenMRS SDK deployed, the resource appears too:

I don´t know why this resource doesn´t appear in my OpenMRS 2.9.0 Ref App + Addons instance. I have checked the EMRapi module, and it´s started properly in my instance. :face_with_thermometer:

Thanks so much. Best regards.

Are you using the same browser? Can you share the server side log for the one where it does not appear?

Hi @dkayiwa,

yes, I´m using the same browser. I attach the different logs: localhost_access_log.2019-08-04.txt (20.1 KB) localhost.2019-08-04.log.txt (2.2 KB) catalina.2019-08-04.log.txt (10.6 KB) openmrs.log.txt (55.7 KB)

Thanks so much! Best regards!

Ping me when you get time and we walk through this at:

Solved! The problem is just the @Resource annotation in EMR API module, PersonImageResouce class. Just to add “2.2.*” in supportedOpenmrsVersions :slight_smile:

How can I send this request to the community?

Thanks so much!

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your very true ,the resource innitialy wasnt suppoerting platform2.2.* .You can actually create a Pr for it.

Thanks @david.corrales for sharing.

Create a ticket, and then raise a pull request while following this process.