PersonAttribute - keyword search - different behavior on different machines

Development Environment - Person Attribute search works like key word search (This is what we want)

Production Environment - Person Attribute search works on matching start of string image

On typing "Dus’ doesn’t get the data like development environment gets data for “sha” shown above. image

I think this happens here for person attribute searches:

sqlQuery.setParameter("value", query.toLowerCase() + "%");

Which seems to match the behaviour that you observe in your production environment.
The query is slightly different for person name searches here:

criteria.add(Restrictions.ilike(key, query + "%"));

In both case the syntax is consistent with a ‘start with’ logic.

The good news is that you observe the unexpected behaviour in your dev. environment, which will let you dig further and see why/how what you observe does happen. Is that something you could do?

Yes, I also observed that and only to compare how patient search works, I noticed that the SQL Query has (family_name)) like %value%. So I will dig it further in development environment for personattribute and keep you posted.