Personalizing patient registration fields

Hi @dkayiwa,

here is the link to document:


@hpardess, @kimkuere I’ve been struggling with the same thing, i had a personAttribute with a foreign key to a concept but couldn’t get it as a dropdown that retrieves concepts the personattribute is related to. Finally i’ve just decided to extend the registrationapp on my own and add there personAttributeWithConcept field. I hope this is what you looking for here it is .

@saltanat if this is functionality which did not exist, did you consider raising a pull request? That way, you do not have to go through the pain of maintaining your own module. :slight_smile:

Yes, sure. Do you mean here ?

just done that

Yes i mean a pull request for that repository. You would need to first create a ticket: And then take a look at these tips to know what pull requests require before they can be reviewed and merged:

why can’t i find my repository in the drop down list of forks on creating pull request page? Do i do anything wrong. In the openmrs modules’ repository i go to New pull request but there in the list of forks i can see just static 30 or more repositories, and can’t find mine.

Did you start by forking the module as advised at?

oh, that’s it, i’ve forgotten about it! Thanks!

Have you committed your code to the main module? Please share the issue ticket # this is the ticket. I’m still modifying some changes

Is this task completed? Can we add a field that has dropdown values?

@zafar1234 @mksd

@herbert24 are you still actively working on RA-982?

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yes @mksd am thinking by this week i will be done on it