Performance Measurement

Hello community, for a project I have to determine the performance of OpenMRS. I already found that there is a System Performance and Utilization Module but I am not able to download the OMOD file. Everytime when I want to access the addons page the screen goes blank, the developer tools show that there are no elements to show except the navigation bar on the top. I also cannot enter the manage modules page included in the OpenMRS system administration to search for the module and directly install it. When I try I always get a 404 error. Is there another easy way to measure the performance? I am using the 2.11 Standalone Version Thanks to you in advance!

Am also getting the same results. Did you have a chance of looking through this page?

Thank you for your reply! Yes I did have a look on that page, but it is not of much use without the actual module, the chrome extension doesn’t seem to do anything, I guess the module is not longer supported by OpenMRS?

Regarding the Manage Modules Page that can be accessed through the OpenMRS System Administration: Why can’t I access it?

Here is the log of when I start the standalone version + when I try to access the module manager: start up log - Here is what I see on my screen when I try to enter the manage modules tab:

No guarantees it will work, but the latest OMOD for it is at this link. I’ll update addons to (hopefully) index it properly.

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Looks like we don’t bundle OWAs with the standalone. To fix that particular problem, download the zip file here and go to your local instance “System Administration” → “Advanced Administration” and find the “Open Web Apps Module” section. Click on the “Manage Apps” link and you should be able to upload it there.

You may also want to download this zip file, as it’s normally included in the RefApp.

Thank you Ian! The performynce module, does not function, but at least I got the manage apps link working. If any of you has an idea to get a perfomance measurement, that doesn’t involve a benchmark test I would be very grateful! Or is there any existing data on OpenMRS’s perfomance? I didn’t find any documentation.

If you don’t mind building from source, there’s this module, although there’s not really any documentation for it yet :slight_smile:.

And just in case you find this useful: GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-emrmonitor: OpenMRS server monitoring tool

Thank all of you for replying! I will look into the answers!