Performance issues with Bahmni EMR

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One of our bahmni implementations have lot of patient and obs data (around 3200000~ obs). Prod System requirements - 23GB, 12 core CPU. We have been facing performance issues for quite sometime. At least once in 45 days openmrs stops responding, restarting openmrs and mysql services used to solve the issue. We have faced this issue with bahmni 0.91. Recently we have upgraded bahmni from 0.91 to 0.92 and we started observing the same issue again. (Even with platform and http upgrade )

Similar issue has reported long back in the bahmni community and below is the JIRA card created in product backlog -

Below are the few points from JIRA card which applicable to our implementation too

  1. Peak times usually the load average touches 11 and CPU has 12 cores and users start complaining of extreme slowness
  2. The memory keeps increasing over a few days until restart

We started debugging issue. We are leveraging the Grafana graphs to analyse the issue. Meanwhile if somebody already noticed/tried to fix it, your points will be much helpful. Thanks !

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