Patient Summary Widget: Multiple variable graphs?

There are many great features in the Patient Summary Widget. Thanks @ssmusoke @mogoodrich.

Has anyone created an obs graph with multiple variables (concepts) over time? For example, weight+bmi? Or show graphs of weight and bmi together calculated based on obs of weight and height? Something like this could also be flexible enough to show viral load + cd4 together on a graph.

This would be helpful for the HIV patient dashboard.

@ball I have not seen any but you can document a specification at

  1. BMI will pose an interesting challenge on missing values in an encounter

  2. Viral load may do too, depending on how you capture non-detected, and the scale variances can be huge 10,000 to 20

  3. The current graph widget uses a single set of values - though the different scales may provide a challenge if they are too far apart, but still, go ahead and document it - we shall probably find someone to help build it