Patient Search very Slow

Application Name: OpenMRS Platform Version Number: 1.11.5

Question: We are currently testing Platform version 1.11.5 before we upgrade our production server. However we have noticed that when searching a patient given the patient identifier/name, it takes about 3 minutes. We find this to be very slow even though we have a very large database. Any advice on how we can optimize the patient search will be very helpful.

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Could you please create an issue in JIRA? How many patients you have in your database? What version of OpenMRS you used before?

@raff: here is the ticket for above issue:

This issue is same as Platform 1.11.5 or above in implementation.


Hi ,

I would suggest to use elastic search in this case. The performance is very fast and it is very scaleable. I am interested to volunteer for this. Looking forward to hear more than you guys :slight_smile:

Thanks, Shahin

I find the issue and solved it. Just increase inno db buffer memory . Our system have 90000+ patients. I set 5Gb . Its working fine now. maximum 5 seconds took for single search.