Patient Search Functionality - Bug?

I have a field named “Referred By” on the patient registration page. The search includes this field and mobile number as follows: “patientSearch”: { “address”: { “label”: “Locality”, “placeholder”: “Enter Locality”, “field”: “address2” }, “customAttributes”: { “label”: “Referred By/Mobile No”, “placeholder”: “Enter Details”, “fields”: [“mobileNo”, “referredBy”] } } Now when searched for “AK Sharma” in “Referred By” why should the third record appear?

Trying to go through the code.

Hi @nawazshaikh,

Those custom attributes are passed to the underlying SQL query here in Bahmni Core.

The best way to ascertain a bug would be to provoke it through a new test case reproducing your scenario in BahmniPatientDaoImplIT. Something like this one for example.

The above is assuming that the issue lies in Bahmni Core of course.