Patient search does not return any record on a backup server

I am trying to deploy openmrs as an emr for a clinic. However, i want to be certain that a backup of my server will work before implementing it for obvious reasons. I have it working . I then did a backup of the database and started a new instance of openmrs on a new server. All the modification I made on the primary server are reflected on the backup server. However, patient search returns no record even though:

  1. I can see recent searched patients.
  2. I can see all the patients on the database using phpmyadmin
  3. Running a report on the backup server returns all the registered patients

I am using 2.8.0 Reference application on windows 10 .

Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance

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Does rebuilding the search index help?

If it does not, then you may need to share your log at

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@dkayiwa! You are a star. to think I have spent 5 days trying to solve this without joy. Google search, openmrs fora etc. I do owe you a drink if we ever meet up. Solution staring right in my face. Thank you. Problem solved.