Patient Registration Info Dashboard

Application Name: Reference Application 2.10

Question: What options can I use to place custom sections that I’ve added in the patient registration in the 2nd column fragment display in the Patient Registration Dashboard? I’ve seen such an option when I enabled the ‘Dispense Medication’ widget in the patient dashboard, but I’m not sure if that option is available when configuring a custom registration form.

Thank you.

Did you get a chance to look at this?

Yes @dkayiwa!

From what I understand, that only applies to widgets in the Patient Summary Dashboard. I’m not sure how can I apply them to the custom person attributes I’ve added in the Register patient page (which automatically appeared as new sections in the Patient Registration Page as shown above).

Is there an example on how to configure the sections that appear in the Patient Registration page?

Thank you.

Is this of help?

@jdultra Can you share the configuration that you are using for your Patient Summary dashboard?

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