Patient registration bug on Linux

When registering a patient on a linux install of openmrs 1.9.1, as soon as you enter the name, age, gender and click on create patient, the next screen seems to discard the previous information that was captured at the initial screen.

It appears to be generic to Linux. Could it be a permissions issue coz when i look at the URL on the address bar, the patient name is referenced

Anyone seen this before?


Hi @migallonious, OpenMRS 1.9.x is no longer supported. See the announcement here:

Can you upgrade to a supported version and let us know if the bug still occurs?

Thanks Pascal. I have another system running 1.11.6 on linux with a similar issue. Could it be an issue that’s machine dependent or something else?

I found this old thread about the problem, but I’m not sure if a ticket was ever created. Are you able to do that?

Sure. Lemme create a ticket