Patient Name written in Marathi V0.92 English Version


Note that in the English version the Patient Name on https:///bahmni/registration/index.html#/search is written Marathi as रुग्णाचे नाव

As well https:///bahmni/registration/index.html#/patient/new

Gram Panchayat and Tehsil are not in english

I believe that these are bugs. Please advise.

Regards Jahtoe

Hii @jahtoe, as I can see here here, only 0.18% strings in Bahmni project are translated to Hindi as of now. It will take time translating whole project into Hindi/Marathi.

If you are interested, you can help translating OpenMRS services to your native language here.

Regards, Prathamesh.


Oh is Bahmni configurable to have different languages? I thought I was installing an english version with the default installation? It may be that yes 0.18% of the words in the interface are not in English. Is that by design?

Regards Jahtoe

We would love to have Marathi or any other language translations.

You can help translating here