Patient Merge Enhancement - Mid Term Presentation - GSoC 2018

This is my midterm presentation of “Patient Merge Enhancement” project

Special thanks for @mssavai, @ayeung and @danfuterman and others from OpenMRS and mUzima organizations for helping me.

I hope your valuable feedback, Thanks!

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This video is extended one. only additional part is code contribution.



Thanks for sharing, @milan!

A couple small suggestions about the merge UI:

  • In the merge UI, consider highlighting the values that are selected & diminishing those that will not be used (e.g., add a light green background behind the selected values and make the corresponding unselected value’s text/borders a light grey).

  • The use of checkboxes implies someone could select both values (left & right). That’s fine if that’s true; however, if the user must select only one (left or right), then the selection widgets should probably be radio buttons.

That would be great. I’ll add it on the project.

Actually, in this implementation, any pair of checkboxes give functionalities as a radio button function. (user can only select left or right not both) I have used the checkboxes as getting more user interaction than radio button and I have written functions as giving radio button functions for each checkbox pairs.

Thanks, @burke for your valuable feedback!