Patient image via REST

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We are using OpenMRS to manage data from an external app that submits data via REST. We need to capture and save patient images along with other demographic information. The Patient Image and Registration modules are working fine in OpenMRS but is there any way to submit image for a patient via REST call or is there any work under progress for this?

Could you please share a link to the code repository of the patient image module? It is possible that simply POSTing an image to the right URL in the module will work.

I donot have code for any of these modules. I tried the wiki to search it but could not find the link to source. I installed module from openmrs module repository (image attached)

Below are wiki links: (link give for source doesnot work)

@sunbiz may help you with the patient image module.

The patient image module can be found here - This might be slightly newer with some webservices in it -

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Thanks alot @sunbiz . This looks promising. The 2nd code repository has webservices, we would look into it and get back incase of any problem.