Patient Flags Module Enhancement Features

Hi @everyone,

I"m almost done with adding the CRUD REST operations with the Patient Flags module. I am debugging the tests and hope to finish them as soon as possible. As part of this project. I will be adding new patient flags enhancements for the Patient Flags module. I will like to get suggestions and feedback from the OpenMRS developers and implementers community on possible enhancements I could add to the module. For any features if you could provide some sample use cases which will help us prioritize features which will be greatly needed by the implementers community.


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For reference, the ideas we’ve had so far can be found on the Patient Flags Module Enhancements wiki page.

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Hi @pascal @janflowers,

I just finished my exams today. I will continue working now on the module 24/7. I’ll start adding the new Patient Flags Enhancements while fixing the tests to the REST API.



Don’t do it 24/7 – burnout is a thing.

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Hi @pascal,

not sure if this is already possible, these are just ideas of what might be interesting from the radiology perspective:

Show a flag to the ordering physician

  • if a patient is pregnant
  • if a patient is allergic to the chosen orderable like contrast agent needed in an imaging procedure

Just throwing out some ideas of what would be nice to have :grinning:

@ch3ck, okay, let me know when I can test and review the REST API code.

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