Patient Allergies not Related to Location and Provider

While working on to support both the providers and locations filter for the Chart Search module, I found out that actually a patient Allergy object has no relationship or property for either location or provider.

Was this intended or just forgotten? Without the two properties, that means that allergies can’t be returned within any filter item of locations and providers.

@dkayiwa: In the first place, I left out allergies when any location or provider is selected to filter with. I feel we need both these properties to be added for Allergy. Until then, the Chart Search module leaves out such data after any of the filters is applied.



Patient Allergies don’t have a natural relationship to locations or providers.

You’ll need to support the idea of data points that don’t have meaningful values for these.


Actually we decided with @dkayiwa not to filter allergies against location and providers and so, which ever option is clicked, all available patient allergies are returned among the results. Thanks @darius

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