Patch for "Camera not working with latest Chrome Browser v71" issue

Registration page camera feature is not working with latest chrome browser v71. We have given patch on Bahmni v0.91. Please follow below instructions to get the issue fixed.

  1. Change directory to bahmni-web

    cd /opt/bahmni-web/etc/

  2. Take backup of bahmniapp folder from location /opt/bahmni-web/etc/

    mv bahmniapps bahmniapps.bak

  3. Download file using below command


  4. Unzip file


  5. Change permissions of bahmniapps folder

    chown -R bahmni:bahmni bahmniapps

The above commands are updated in the bahmni 0.91 release notes under known issues section

Jira card link:

@angshuonline, @arjun, @darius, @ivange94, @krishnanspace, @mksd, @mksrom, @nehagupt, @pramidat, @ramashish, @ramses, @shilpa, @shivarachakonda, @snehabagri, @sruti, @swathivarkala, @vmalini, @sudhamsh