Past Visit on the same day creates a visit across two days

This suddenly happens on some computers and now on mine, when I create a past visit, it shows the selected date as the start date and end date as the next day.

Is it possible this is due to a bug triggered by having a different time zone set on the client vs server?

Can you find a way to consistently reproduce this on or

Ideally, servers should be using UTC

If a server is hosted in country X, for a hospital in country X, for patients in country X, with all its users in country X, then the server should use that country’s timezone. :slight_smile:

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This fails on a local computer running in East Africa Standard time. And on 4 computers out of a set of 18 that we are working with.

Fair point…

What are the time zone settings?

@r0bby this is the setting on my computer which started behaving strangely when I ran a backup database from a computer that had the same issue. I do not seem to see an OpenMRS specific configuration is there a setting I have to look at?

I haven’t set up OpenMRS in a long time – it has to be somewhere

I am bringing this back again because its happening randomly and I am not sure how to get a fix for it.

Interesting is that when a user creates a past visit on the same day (we only use past visits), the visit only covers one day

Are you able to reproduce this on any of the demo servers?

@dkayiwa I cannot reproduce it on any of the demo servers, and it only happens on a few isolated computers. However I suspect that it has to do with the fact that the end time is so close to midnight that it somewhat gets skewed by timezone offset to go into the next day

So does that mean it does not happen if you adjust the end time such that it is not so close to midnight?

@dkayiwa I have not tried that just something that I suspect - since its at 1 second to midnight