Past data entry

I am using OpenMRS v3 and need to enter data for past dates. While I can start a visit with an older date, any subsequent entries like vitals, medications, and conditions are recorded with today’s date, regardless of the visit date selected. How can I accurately enter this data for past dates?


Supporting retrospective data entry in O3 is an ongoing effort, see this epic: [O3-2179] - OpenMRS Issues

Not sure who’s the best to speak of the status of this feature at this point, @bistenes?

got it, meanwhile can help to suggest any workarounds for it? Are there any?

Hi @madhav , that feature (“retrospective data entry”/RDE) is still in the works. What you are seeing is unfortunately the work-in-progress behavior at this time, and there is no good workaround I am aware of. It is a major priority for several organizations but there are some details to be hashed out. @grace may be able to speak more to the status of the project.

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I believe the one way out, is to login into MySQL and change the dates from there.

@nicomani thanks for sharing, I actually do not have issues with openmrs legacy UI, it is working from there but it is very hassle to use that UI, wanted to get fix from V3 UI, which I believe is still in progress

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Thanks for the update :slightly_smiling_face:

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