Parallel drug orders for a same drug

Is there any support in bahmni to place parallel drug orders for the same drug? I can see some piece of code related to parallel drugs in OrderServiceImpl (openmrs api)

Any information around this would be helpful.

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parallel drug? as in alternates?

Placing the same drug order when one drug order(course) is already running, as of now, bahmni won’t allow placing the second order for the same drug as shown in the below screenshot.

We have a use case where same drug order should be placed for next 2 or 3 days.

It would be helpful if you could explain your use case.

As per the discussions in PAT call(18th Dec 2019), bahmni won’t support placing same drug order which will overlap with existing drug order

Hi, can you provide an example of the clinical drug that is to be ordered. Will help in advising options forward.

We also require to add drug order for same medication, e.g. an injection ordered in morning, same in noon and evening

In the API, we initially prevented concurrent orders for the same thing (e.g., to different orders for the same medication at the same time) due to the risks to patients. We later adapted this to allow parallel orders if the client acknowledges the existing order(s) – e.g., you can create a second order for the drug as long as you explicitly indicate that you (the client calling the API) are aware of the parallel order. I believe this was done by including the UUID for any parallel order(s) in the request to create an order.

Thanks for update but how can we do it from Order tab ? Is there any config we must do for the parallel order for same drug ?