Palestine country missing under CIEL:165657

Hello everyone,

There was noticed that Palestine is missing under the concept CIEL:165657 (165657AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA).

This country is used for nationality, under HSU registration. image

Do you think it will be possible to add this country to this concept members?

CC: @akanter @ibacher

Thank you!

Will add it in the next release. Sorry, we just released a version yesterday. It is always interesting when politics crosses with computer science. In this case, it is not fully recognized, does not appear in the reference terminology (SNOMED) but is needed for a use case. So I will add it to CIEL and to the set, and it will include the ISO PS code.

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Perfect @akanter.

Thank you very much!

Hi @akanter,

Do you know what the CIEL ID for Palestine will be? Ultimately, right now, we’re relying on a parallel concept created using Iniz rather than OCL or the CIEL dump files (that will likely change at some point). So if we have that we should be able to create the local copy of the concept we need.