Page reload on clicking patient header data

I’m using OpenMRS 1.11.4, ReferenceApplication 2.3.1 and bundled modules.

I found that when user clicks on the demographics or contact information displayed on patient header, the page reloads with following change in URL: http://localhost:8080/mrs/coreapps/clinicianfacing/ TO http://localhost:8080/mrs/coreapps/clinicianfacing/

I just wanted to know if this reload/redirection has any business functionality or is just redundant. On digging the code I found this:


There might be a possibility that the URLs weren’t updated during code migration in the past.

It’s a mistake that the hardcoded default value is PIH-specific…

Agreed. The “” can be removed… I don’t know if there is another app name for the reference app we want to include instead.


  • The app parameter needs to be removed all together as the regular clinicianfacing page only has patientId as parameter.
  • Global property coreapps.dashboardUrl is also required to be changed

Let me resolve it and generate a PR :slight_smile:

Created PR !!