Packaging an O3 distro in a .war file

Has anyone already tried packaging an O3 distro in a .war file?

@ibacher I feel like maybe some of the docker container work you did for the RefApp could be pulled out & isolated into a .war…?

@METS team currently trying to do this. (Why: Even though in general OMRS is moving increasingly towards dockerization, that’s not currently feasible for UgEMR deployment due to the amount of server updates that would require docker installed, at this time. This is simply the way it is. And that’s okay, because there’s nothing that should be preventing this approach if folks need it.)

Actually would be great if the Docker approach can support all contents bundled into a WAR file, so they probably feed into each other and are more related than we may know

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I don’t think anything I’ve done with Docker is directly relevant… The O3 frontend is actually served from a different Docker container than the OpenMRS backend as a demo of a possible (and recommended) architecture.

The easiest way to get things to work would likely be to create a module with the O3 frontend embedded in it and have that module unpack the frontend files into the correct folder for module-spa to serve it as part of it’s startup.

If you wanted things really automatic, it might even be possible to extend the SDK to build the “packaging” module automatically…


@ibacher I think we need to resume the conversation about using SDK to package the frontend into the war file

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CCing @raff as well