Package names in Legacy UI module

Hi Developers,

As we are moving legacyui into a module, I have a clarification to make.

Should we leave the package names as same in core? Or we modify them and have the module id included?

As far as I remember, @burke suggested leaving the package names as in core. @wyclif says the names can stay same as in core. @dkayiwa suggested including the module id’s.

CC: @darius @raff

Can you share your views on which would be a good way to present the module? :smile:

I think you should leave everything that you can unchanged. (E.g. stick to the same package names as were there before)

The goal of this module is to pull the legacy UI out of the application, so that it can remain available, mostly unchanged, and still support bugfixes.

Therefore I think you should make as few changes as possible, and avoid unnecessarily refactorings.

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Thank you @darius for quickly clearing this! :smiley: