Ozone - Patient is not synced on Odoo

Hi there, I have installed Ozone. I created a patient on Openmrs, but don’t see it on Odoo. Also I have ordered drug and a lab test but not seen in odoo. Is there any IP configuration to sync or any other setup I need? Please Help.

Thanks again.

Hello, @sanjaytechfrolic, welcome to the community. Are you able to share the logs from the eip-client container? Also, it would be nice to know whether you used the quickstart or manual instrctions.

The sync doesn’t happen upon creation of a patient in O3.

When a patient is created in O3, the sync happens when either a drug order or lab test order is made.

When a drug order is made;

  • In Odoo, the patient becomes customer and the drug order appears as a quotation

When a lab test order is made;

  • In SENAITE, the patient becomes a client

  • In Odoo, the patient becomes a customer and the lab test order appears as a quotation

Note: In Odoo, the quotations are under sales

Thanks for replying @achachiez,
We restarted Senaite and it worked and synced data between Senaite and Odoo, was wondering if you could give a brief explanation of the following,

  1. the sync seems to be traversing the path Senaite → Odoo, any particular reason for this ?
  2. Senaite seems to generate a lot of logs and kind of syncs continuously, is there a way we can set the frequency to a lower value

hello @sanjaytechfrolic ,

for your 1. This happens because of billing, and financial accounting workflow.

For point 2, posting to the Senaite community , response is because has an external process add client contacts via the API

Question please @mksd - a way to reduce this or limit it ? ( is this a normal operation? ) because it happens when no Lab orders are being done , it happens when the system is idle and it fills up the senaie-filestorage volume growing to gigabytes in size and keeps growing.

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@banji and @sanjaytechfrolic the issue with the immense log volume generated by SENAITE by default was fixed on Ozone Pro as of alpha.1.

However I see in our internal issue tracker that we had stacked the work for FOSS for “later” in a ticket. Pasting it for the record but note that the issue tracker is not public:

  • OZ-129: FOSS SENAITE image to support packing

This ticket is currently associated with 1.0.0-rc, but I will see with the team if there’s reasonable ways to bring this forward.

A bit of background here. For a number of reasons Ozone Pro leverages a slightly customized SENAITE Docker image, while Ozone FOSS leverages the SENAITE Community Docker image. The former contains the fix while the later doesn’t.

Cc @achachiez

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Many thanks for this Boss. Please if we can get technical guidance on the fix we can implement it ourselves.