Ozone - Patient Creation isn't synced on Odoo

Hi there, I am able to finally have a working local version of Ozone. Yay! I created a patient on Openmrs, but don’t see it on Odoo.

Any other setup I need? Thanks again.

@zotis it is possible that the default configuration of the routes is such that patients become Odoo customers as soon as there is a first orderable made. I don’t remember offhand if that’s the case or not, @mksrom?

So basically as soon as you create either a drug order or a lab test order.

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I see it added after placing an order. Thank you. So far, the demo is going great :slight_smile:


Thanks for your patience as Ozone is going through its first release :pray:

Thanks also for sharing your feedback publicly, this is definitely useful to the Ozone/O3 community of practice.