Ozone - OpenMRS 3 UI: "Oops! An unexpected error occurred."

On a brand new Ozone installation, using ozone-docker, I go to /spa/home, and get this error:

OpenMRS (3)

@Mekom Could you please advise? Thanks!

try inspecting so as to access the console and provide a more specific error.

cc @hadijah315

Hi @hmouhtar, you might also consider clearing cached site data from your previous session and try again.

Sorry you ran into this @hmouhtar - I believe this is a problem stemming from the OpenMRS O3 Reference Application itself; this is an old trigger-happy error message that we’re actually just about to clean up as part of this issue @dennis has on his to-do-priority-list: [O3-1401] Identify causes of frequent "Oops unexpected error occurred" messages - OpenMRS Issues

@grace @ruhanga @jnsereko @hadijah315

I re-installed everything. Now the error doesn’t show up at first, however, the first section of the home-page never shows something, it just keeps on loading.

Console log:

@hmouhtar is that error affecting anything in the UI, I am asking because sometimes you will experience console errors resulting from some apps not fully loaded, you might ignore them but we are working on ensuring our console is error and warning-free.

So unless it is freezing your UI, you can just ignore it. But if it is, then it needs to be addressed.

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